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Our Vision

We have a   Vision...

.....of a people who recognise that Jesus Christ is LORD. A people who are passionate in their love for Jesus, a passion that flows out into all areas of their lives, that is lived out in the body of Christ and their desire to see His Kingdom come.

.....of a people who are in Christ. A people drenched in His love. Who are filled with the spirit of servanthood towards their brothers and sisters in Christ and their local community. Who base their relationships on co-operation rather than competition.

.....of a people who don’t hold to the values of this world but have been transformed in their thinking, living to please God and not themselves. A people who realise that the riches this world has to offer are nothing compared with knowing the Lord Jesus.

.....of a people who are the worshipping Church of Jesus Christ.

That every man, women and child should repeatedly have the opportunity to hear, understand and to accept or reject

the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We are members of the 'Evangelical Alliance' and'Together for the Harvest' group of

Churches on Merseyside and subscribe to their vision.

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