Life Groups

We believe that we are meant to live in community – with God and with each other.  One way really good way of doing this is by being part of a Lifegroup.


Lifegroups are groups within our church that meet regularly to socialise, pray, grow in our faith and have fun together!

Lifegroups usually meet in homes every 1 to 2 weeks.  There are between 6 to14 people in each group. 


It’s a time to get to know each other better and a chance to delve deeper into the Bible and grow closer to God and each other. 


Each group is different and looks at different topics, depending on what each group feels is important for them.  We also have a group for students. 

We really encourage our members to join a lifegroup.  First of all it’s fun!  Secondly it’s a chance to strengthen our relationships.  Having friends who know you and are committed to praying for you can be a lifeline at times.  So have a think about joining a life group. 


Contact Ange Johnson or any of our leadership team or for more info.



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